The Oil Cleansing Method: Diy Crunchy Skincare

oil cleansing method - wash your face in oil and get beautiful results!

Magic happened the first time I tried oil cleansing. I had a skin care breakthrough! I’ve come to tell the tale of a spectacular new skin care technique- the oil cleansing method (OCM). Soap has not touched my face in a year. Am I completely filthy? Broken out? Ha, think again.

Remember way back when, your first experience straightening your hair. You never knew your hair possessed such potential- the shine, softness, and liquidity. A wow moment.  I liken that to the oil cleansing method– you don’t know the silky skin texture and vibrancy you possess waiting to be brought out. Except the more you add heat to straighten hair the worse condition it gets– while the more you cleanse your skin with oil the better it becomes! Hey Now!

Yes, you read that right! I wash my skin with natural plant oils. My fav part is the soft to the touch like a rose petal, silky smooth feel. Oil cleansing works better than any commercial product on the market I’ve tried.

Oil has a knack for giving your face exactly what it needs. It works phenomenally for cleaning and balancing *ALL* skin types. And bonus: no need to really moisturize your face after you wash.  Two birds, one stone.

my oil cleansing blend for dewy fresh skin


Like dissolves like.” In order to dissolve something you need a solvent similar to what you are trying to dissolve.

Think about salad dressing. The vinegar (made up of mostly water) doesn’t combine at all with oils. Oil and water repel each other, Oil is hydrophilic meaning it’s creating separate layers. If you were to skip vinegar and fill a bottle with several oils, they’d combine well into each other. Water (and toxic detergents) doesn’t effectively dissolve oil. Oil dissolves oil.

Plant based natural oils clean, dissolve and replace the excess dirt, grease and grime that accumulates throughout the day. 


  • Detoxes the buildup of gunk on your skin, minimizing and refining pores.
  • Soap strips oils triggering skin to overcompensate. OCM signals your pores to have a balanced amount of oil on your skin.
  • Natural oils lubricate, soften and moisturize skin like no other.
  • Protects skin from oxidation, preventing wrinkles and sun damage.
  • Preventative and soothing for acne, redness and inflammation.
  • Great make-up remover.

HOW TO DO OIL CLEANSING- The easiest breeziest thing you’ll do today.

What Do You Need?

  •  Organic, cold pressed or expeller pressed plant oils, such as castor oil or sesame seed oil.
    • The higher the quality of the oils, the better the results.
  • Clean wash cloth or microfiber cloth.
  • A glass container with closure to store your oils in. I use a 2 oz. vile with a dropper.
  • Optional
    • Essential oils for scent and therapeutical properties.
    • A funnel for pouring oils into glass.

To Cleanse Face-

  • Combine oil blend (more about which oils to use below) in a small glass container, you might need a small funnel to fill container up.
  • Shake, shake and shake oils up some more until oil blend is well incorporated.
  • No need to wash skin before applying oil– remember water repels oils.
  • Put a dropperful of oil onto your hand and massage into face and neck always smoothing skin upwards and outwards for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Soak washcloth in hot-as-you-can-handle water and ring out. Tip head back and lay the washcloth over face for 30 seconds to let steam open up pores and soften up oil buildup.
  • Use washcloth to thoroughly wipe off all oil.
  • Repeat process of applying clean oil to skin and applying hot wash cloth on face and wiping off excess oils. I like to repeat process 2-3 times to ensure skin is thoroughly cleaned.
  • When done, completely rinse out washcloth with dab of organic soap like Dr. Bronners and allow towel to air dry. I use my wash cloth twice before I launder them.
  • Check yourself in the mirror- look how brilliantly clean and fresh faced you are!


Identify your skin type from the three described below. Select oils from the list below (oils can be bought online here or at your local health food store). Find out exactly what your skin loves, one new thing at a time and pay attention to how your skin responds.

organic oil blend for oil cleansing

TYPE A-  **Most Common** Slightly Dry- Normal- Slightly Oily- Or Combination Skin:

Try an oil organic oil listed below or combination of oil mixed with castor oil.Add more castor oil if your skin is oily and less if it is dry try 25% castor for dryer skin and 50% for less dry. Castor oil is a great natural astringent and pulls grime and toxins from deep down in the pores. 

  • Olive oil- very cost effective, easily accessible, high antioxidant content
  • Sunflower seed oil- vitamin rich, cost effective, high in linoleic acid
  • Grape seed oil- light feeling oil, can be drying
  • Sweet almond oil- high in linoleic acid
  • Safflower- high in linoleic acid
  • Pumpkin seed oil- emollient, rich and thick oil
  • Jojoba oil- like a second skin, protecting and emollient and allows skin to breathe
  • Apricot kernel oil- great for sensitive, inflamed and dry skin
  • Pomegranate seed oil- great for conditioning mature skin, natural SPF, just a couple of drops in your formula to start
  • Sesame seed oil- rich in linoleic acid

TYPE B- Sensitive, Extra Dry, Flaky:

Try an organic oil listed below or combination of oils listed below.

  • Skip drying oils all together like castor oil and grape seed oil
  • Avocado- conditioning, penetrates deeply, high in vitamin E, healing,
  • Apricot kernel oil- mature, sensitive, inflamed and dry
  • Jojoba- acts like a second skin, protecting and emollient and allows skin to breathe
  • Pumpkin seed oil- emollient, rich and thick

TYPE C- Acneic, Extra Oily:

Try an organic oil listed below or combination of oils listed below mixed with castor oil (natural astringent). Add more castor oil if your skin is oily. Try a blend that contains at least half castor oil.

  • Pumpkin seed oil- emollient, rich and thick
  • Carrot seed oil- good for hyper-pigmentation, sun protection, psoriasis and eczema
  • Rose hip seed oil -heals hyper-pigmentation, great for conditioning mature skin
  • Hemp oil- conditioning and softening, great for reversing signs of aging
  • Grape seed oil- light feeling oil, can be drying
  • Sunflower oil- vitamin rich and cost effective skin conditioner
  • Tamanu- healing, very moisturizing, good for acne
  • Apricot kernel oil- all skin types aged, sensitive, inflamed and dry
  • Neem oil -used for all skin disorders (avoid this if you’re pregnant or attempting to be)
  • Turmeric oil- for acne/oily skin, and mature skin

*Optional* Add Scent
– Add between 5-10 drops for each 1 oz. blend of oil.   **Are you pregnant or trying to be?  Make sure each essential oil is recognized as safe to use during pregnancy. 

  • Some good essential oils include: lavender, rose, myrrh, tea tree, lemon (steam distilled), geranium.

My Fresh Face Oil Blend- This hits all the right notes and compliments my skin (Suitable For Those in Type A-Normal & Mostly Balanced Skin) Available on etsy: here 

  • .3 ounce jojoba oil
  • .2 ounces hazelnut oil
  • .2 ounces argan oil
  • 1.0 ounce castor oil
  • .1 ounce carrot seed oil
  • 2 drops  rose essential oil
  • 4 drops geranium essential oil 
  • 2 drops neroli essential oil


  • Oil cleansing method voyageurs have said extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil (can clog pores) don’t agree with many people’s skin.  Some use these oils with favorable results- there are no steadfast rules.
  • Castor oil can be your best friend or an untouchable. It should be appropriate to use as long as you don’t have very dry skin. But otherwise try in your blend.
  • Experiment with oil blends by adding one new thing at a time to see how your skin reacts.
  • Research ALL essential oils before adding them to your blend. Never use photosensitive essential oil, wintergreen, or any irritating or dangerous oils. *Never apply essential oils to skin without a carrier oil.
  • You only need to do the oil-cleansing method once a day, I usually wash up at night before bed.
  • There can be a skin transition period, up to 2 weeks, so stick with it even if you break out a bit at first. This could be your skin detoxing clogged pores.
  •  The OCM is miraculous at normalizing skin. If you have oily skin, it will become much more balanced.  Same goes for dry skin.
  • Oil blend should keep for 6 months to 1 year if stored out of direct sun but time varies depending which oils you use. (Some are more shelf stable than others.)

Quality ingredients in – deliciously beautiful face out.

Your skin will thank you- Merci Beaucoup  ❤

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