How To Make A Detoxing Clay Mask

How To Make A Detoxing Clay Tooth Mask

how to make a tooth mask

People use face masks on their skin.

Hair masks on their hair.

There’s a mask for seemingly everything – even tooth masks.

What is a detoxing tooth mask?

This is something I like to do and it is quite simple – a healthy homemaker exclusive. At night, I slather my teeth with a mixture of detoxing clay and water and let this paste sit on my teeth for an hour or more.

What type of clay to use?

Bentonite Clay For Internal Or External Use

Bentonite clay.  Once water is mixed with this healing clay it gains an electrical charge which attracts impurities and toxins from the mouth. Clay adsorbs toxins into to its inner surfaces, where they’re held and not re-released.

Bentonite clay has long been acclaimed for its holistic uses to both internally and externally cleanse and detoxify the body of impurities. I use it in multiple products such as Healthy Homemakers tooth whitener and Sweet Face – raw honey face mask.

Why Do A detoxing tooth mask?

Number one reason is improved tooth and gum health. I do this to detox my mouth of germs, bacteria and other nasties. The reduced toxic load in the body help make a person thing more clearly, process thoughts quicker and clearer and be more productive.

The benefits of a tooth mask:

  • Whitens and Brightens Teeth
  • Removes plaque, tar stains, and tannins
  • Remineralizing
  • Reduces inflammation in gums
  •  Halitosis remedy
  • Detoxifies mouth, gums, tongue and in turn the whole body is refresher (mouth is a point of entry for bacteria)

Directions For Clay Tooth Mask-

For a polished clean shine that’s oh so pretty…

– Mix up 1-2 tsps of  food grade bentonite clay with 10 drops of water to mix up a thick paste.

-Leave paste on teeth and gum line (it will get into your saliva and detox your whole mouth) for at least 20 minutes. You can even sleep with it on and let it work its magic #ALLNIGHTLONG.

Do every week or few weeks for  polished teeth and clean feeling mouth.

*Bentonite clay is less abrasive than baking soda.

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