Activated Charcoal: How To Whiten Teeth With This Tooth whitener and Remineralizer (Ditch the strips )

Ditch the strips for this DIY natural tooth whitener and remineralizer

Organic Tooth Whitener- by Healthy Homemakers, Living Crunchy Is An Art

Why All Natural Tooth Whitener?

It’s summer and that means plenty of get-togethers (I’m actually going to a wedding this afternoon)! Knowing I will be up close and personal with so many people, I wanted to look beautiful and healthy in those family photos that will be around forever and ever. I wanted to make sure my appearance was on point.

And so begun operation tooth whitening.

The idea hit me when I was looking at a picture of Kristin and I from high school prom (we were friends way before we started homemaking). I was thinking we basically look the same except back then I had a diamond bright smile. Cut to 10 years (and 100s of coffees) later and my teeth had lost their once wondrous sparkle.


Prom weekend with Elvis. Gotta love Elvis.

Organic Tooth Whitener Ingredients:

My cupboards are chock-full of clays, essential oils, carrier oils, botanicals, herbal blends, seeds, spices, etc.. and I knew just the ticket for a tooth whitening blend.

Calcium bentonite clay- This miracle worker is great for detoxing and oral health. I knew that would be the base to this whitening formula for its detoxifying abilities I often add to bath water and soap.

Quick facts: the clay is made from volcanic ash, and has high negative ionic charge that attracts and absorbs/adsorbs impurities.

Then I added in the UNLIKELY ingredient, the black colored activated charcoal, it works like BLACK MAGIC!

This porous substance is magnetically charged and known for its ability to attract in toxins like a sponge. Precisely why it is used to filter out impurities in many water filters,

Turmeric powder is a yellow root commonly touted for it’s medicinal benefits. It is also an excellent tooth whitener. Warning: this powder is bright yellow and will stain clothing or rugs etc.. It might seem counterintuitive, but when applied to teeth it is a powerful whitener.

Clove powder, this spicy herb has been used for centuries for remedy tooth pain.

Inner dialog: why am I applying black paste to my teeth. Oh yeah I remember because I love my morning coffee… And I want my teeth to look amazing!

Ingredients- I would put here but y’all would copy my proprietary blend that I sell here!


Directions for tooth mask application-

  • Mix together dry ingredients, store in glass.
  • In a glass or ceramic cup or bowl, add 7-10 few drops of water to 1/4 tsp of this sooty gray mixture and stir until you create a thick paste. Don’t use a metal or plastic spoon or bowl to mix – glass, wood, or clay are best.
  • Dip an old toothbrush or your finger into this mixture and apply to teeth, leave paste on blacked out teeth for about 20 minutes (I have left it on as long as an hour) .


-You can apply this mixture daily or as frequently as desire because it only mildly abrasive and is safe for even the most sensitive teeth. Calcium bentonite clay is even known to remineralize teeth.

-Store your whitening tooth powder in a glass container.

You will look a little crazy when you put this on your teeth. But you won’t look crazy afterwards- you will be to busy smiling ear to ear with your award winning smile.


I bottled my activated sparkle tooth whitener powder if you’re interested.

Yah, that’s me cheesing:-D


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